From this distance everything is so bloody perfect

Wow. I havent’ been on here in ages.
So, uh, I moved blogs - like, full-on made-another-account moved blogs.
If anyone would like the link, like this or message me and I’ll drop it in your inbox :)

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Annoying (by thatonekid100)

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Hey guys, do you reckon we can get #JonaticsArePerverted trending on twitter?

I just used it in a tweet (x) and my friends are gonna be like… what the actual fuck sarah? so yeah.

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I actually didn’t ship Nemi before, but after watching that video…

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no stop


no stop

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Oh my God.

Nemi =/=Niall+Demi.

Use Diall or Nimi or some shit. NOT NEMI.

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I Really Hate It When People Type Like This Like What Are You Doing This Is A Sentence Not A Fall Out Boy Song Title.

^fucking dead.

Jonas Brothers being their adorable selves {x}